Changes in Online Education Over the Last 5 Years

Considering an online degree? The time is right to go for it. Online education, though a comparatively new system of delivering education, has come a long way to be recognized and taken seriously. More and more colleges and universities have started adding online courses as well as

What are Common Skills?

WHAT ARE COMMON SKILLS? BY PROF.M.S.RAO, ACADEMIC GUIDE, ICFAI UNIVERSITY, INDIA People may have heard of soft skills and hard skills. Perhaps very few people may have heard of Common Skills. When one of my favorite students, and a bright student, G.Amulya Reddy, III year IT branch

Growing Opportunities for Aspiring Teachers in South Africa

The economical structure of South Africa is doing well in this recent time with fast growth that has shaped the educational scenario in a better manner. As South Africa is striving to do better in Global market hence they have concentrated on the quality of education. The

Essential Oil Chemistry: A Beginning Aromatherapy Primer

Uh oh. Chemistry – the word itself can make one’s eyes glaze over. But wait, this is “essential oil chemistry’. MUCH more fun! While even beginning aromatherapy students are put off by the mere mention of the subject, they eventually realize the importance of understanding at least

Flirting To Promote Attraction And Chemistry

In order to have sexual chemistry with a man, you have got to create it by getting and keeping his attention, proving to him that you are not like the rest of the women he has met and create a challenge for him that he cannot help

Critical Literature Review Of Social Disorganisation Theory Of Criminology

Introduction Social disorganisation theory has its history dating back to the early twentieth Century. It is based on the belief that crime and delinquency are associated with the absence or presence of communal institutions where communal institutions can refer to schools, churches or even local governments. In

5 Ways to Make Your Child Fall In Love with School

School is where we all learn out ABC’s and 123’s. But some children just can’t seem to enjoy going to school even with much encouragement from their parents. Most kids enjoy their first time in school, but after a while, due to some factors, they begin to

Making the Most of Public Education

There are steps you can take to ensure that your child gets the most out of their years of public education. From the beginning of their school days, you need to be actively involved in their education. Attend all parent-teacher conferences. Make time to attend school functions

Praxis Ii Elementary Content Knowledge Tips You Can't Miss Out On!

Half the battle in mastering your Praxis II elementary content knowledge is to know what’s going to be on the exam itself – and if you plan on taking the Praxis II Elementary Education: Curriculum, Instruction, And Assessment test, then you should be as familiar with popular

How Inhaled Anesthetics Work on the Body

The miracles of modern medicine allow doctors to fix problems in the human body that their predecessors couldn’t even diagnose. The rapidly growing field of medical technology continues to eradicate threats to human life at every turn, but one of the most important leaps forward in medicine